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The Service, which consolidates the Software and all Intellectual Property Rights in that are, and will remain, the property of Google (and its totally asserted reinforcements). All rights in and to the Software not expressly surrendered to You in this Agreement are held and held by Google and its licensors without constraint, including, Google's (and its totally had helpers') perfect to sole duty regarding Software and Documentation. Without obliging the comprehensive articulation of the past, You agree not to (and not to empower any outcast to): (a) sublicense, disperse, or use the Service or Software outside of the degree of the allow permitted in this Agreement; (b) copy, change, alter, decipher, prepare subordinate works from, make sense of, disassemble, or decompile the Software or for the most part attempt to discover any source code or aggressive developments related to the Service; (c) rent, lease, offer, dole out or for the most part move rights in or to the Software or the Service; (d) use, post, transmit or display any contraption, programming or routine which intrudes or tries to interfere with the undertaking of the Service or the Software; (e) use the trademarks, trade names, advantage marks, logos, zone names and other obvious brand features or any copyright or other selective rights related with the Service for any reason without the express made consent out of Google; (f) enlist, try to enroll, or assist some other individual with enlisting any trademark, trade name, serve marks, logos, space names and other specific brand features, copyright or other prohibitive rights related with Google (or its totally asserted reinforcements) other than for Google (or its completely had helpers, all things considered); (g) empty, obscure, or adjust any notice of copyright, trademark, or other prohibitive right appearing in or on anything included with the Service; or (h) search for, in a methodology recorded in the midst of the term of this Agreement or for one year after such term, an order of any fragment of the Service in light of patent infringement.

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